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Swope Solutions has been delivering robust, well-documented, maintainable software since 2007.
Our primary expertise is in all things Java but we have lots of experience in other areas too. Please contact us at inquiry@swopesolutions.com if we can be of service.

Mobile Apps


My Stars

My Stars is intented to be used to provide positive feedback for behaviors parents would like to reinforce in their child. You may specify any behaviors and rewards you like. This is an opportunity for parent and child to collaborate on defining and choosing behaviors and rewards. A daily or weekly 'Star goal' may be chosen. A star is awarded for a specific behavior on a specific day.



My Spices

My Spices helps you keep track of all your spices. Once you set it up you never have to go digging through a cabinet, box or rack to see if you have a certain spice.
Spices are added to your virtual spice rack by scanning (via the 'Scan' screen *) the upc on the container. Spices can also be manually entered if there is no barcode or the barcode is damaged or won't scan for some reason.

My Spices also provides a convenient shopping list. If you find you are running low on a spice or you just used the last bit you can scan it to add it to the shopping list or simply tap it on the 'Rack' screen to add it to the shopping list (or move it to the shopping list if you are completely out). Once you replenish the spice, simply scan it to add it back to your rack (if you removed it) or tap it on the 'Shopping list' screen to take it off the shopping list or move it from the shopping list back to the rack (if you removed it from the rack).

*NOTE FOR iOS 8+ USERS As of iOS 8 you must explicitly grant the app access to your device's camera in order to use the 'Scan' function. You should be prompted to grant this access the first time you tab to the 'Scan' screen under iOS 8+. Alternatively, you can go to your device's Settings -> My Spices and grant access to the camera there by turning Camera on under 'ALLOW MY SPICES TO ACCESS'. If you don't grant access you will not be able to use the 'Scan' function.




Please contact us at support@swopesolutions.com if you have suggestions, questions or problems with any of our apps.